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Norbiosk is a technology consulting organisation specialising in outsourced product engineering services. As a leader in the custom web and mobile application development and consulting firm, Norbiosk works with some of the world’s best Enterprises. Our solutions are focused on modern technologies and are enabled by a scientific, creative and data driven system, We build up technical models with the vibrancy of functionalities which catalyses the growth and acts as a manager of risk and costs to safeguard you against business vulnerabilities. We sketch out the key whole of the entire project by monitoring your monetary feasibility with the objective of optimising your assets and your brand power. Our portfolio and the clientele club reveal our excellence in providing IT solutions in every domain.



We code and design you dream into reality.

Growing in the Custom Web and Mobile application development genre for years now, we’ve grown high with every ending day.



We are leaders, not followers.

We aren’t just another outsourcing firm churning out cookie-cutter products. We love challenging, disruptive projects, and we aren’t happy until you’re satisfied. Our focus is on understanding our client’s business needs and applying our business and technical expertise to develop the right solution



We are digital media agency.

We are a Digital Marketing Agency with Result-Driven Solutions for start-ups to established brands. We help brands to engage global audiences and convert them into customers.

Since our inception in 2010, we have established an enviable track record of turning clients’ ideas into reliable, flexible, scalable business software solutions. Our collaborative approach addresses changing business requirements and allows our clients to derive real value.Our focus is on understanding our client’s business needs and applying our business and technical expertise to develop the right solution. By doing so we can recommend the best way to implement technology to support your business processes and we can assist in planning and defining their implementation. We always earn our clients trust and respect – our clients trust us to provide the expertise that will make a difference.We consider total solutions (not just software) to fit each client’s unique requirement.

Jamal Hansabi
CBDO / Managing Director

CBDO – Chief Business Development Officer at Norbiosk.
Business and Marketing manager with 12 years of broad experience with marketing, market communication, strategies, negotiations, product development and loyalty strategies; today from merchant side where He works on several projects related to different sectors.

Jan Standal
Managing Director

Has more than 10 years experience within Financial analysis , accounting, administration. Supervision, book-keeping and controlling the Clients accounts and Finalisation of accounts.

Imane Adnan
Marketing Coordinator

She is a driven, passionate young professional with an affinity for problem solving. She is always on the search for answers and better solutions, and has an insatiable desire to learn new things. She welcomes the responsibility and drives projects to completion. She sets her standards high and has a keen eye for detail, but she understands that a good project delivered on time is more valuable than a perfect one delivered late. She enjoys strategic thinking and analysis as much as she greatly enjoys the hands-on, practical work.


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Well organised processes and expert teams make it look simple. Your digital plans need a strong strategy, development and a lot of testing. Our teams are well equipped to handle your digital requirements with right planning and execution. Be it Web application, e-commerce, mobile app, media marketing or Enterprise solution like ERP and CRM. We have well-defined processes and respective teams to execute them.


Norbiosk follows a 360-degree business approach. Our innovative technology solutions bring in efficiencies and empower our clients with the most advanced technologies to ensure optimal ROI.


As out tag line says – Code and design you dream into reality, we are passionate and bring in high level of enthusiasm to each project. This is what we can do for you.
We cover the whole spectrum. Accelerate your online business transformation with us. Our goal is to work with long term clients whose primary business is online and in need of a trusted partner to grow with.
We have in-depth experience building applications using specialised technology solutions – both open source and enterprise technologies, enabling next Generation online communities, Enterprises, Retail stores, customer-vendor relationships and much more.
Our systematic approach makes us Deliver the best end product to you, the process we loved most are –

  • Project Discussion, requirement gathering and Analysis
  • Documentation and Software Requirement Specifications
  • System and architecture Design
  • Component Design and Code Generation
  • Integration of Components and system Integration
  • QA phase (Unit and Integration Testing,System Testing and User Acceptance Testing)
  • Release and Maintenance


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